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The Saltiest band around


Raised amid the farmlands of California’s Central Valley, these salty boys are certifiably organic, through and through—and boy howdy can they get down and dirty!

Carrying a deep bag of tricks from their eclectic musical backgrounds—from bluegrass to rockabilly, from jam bands to shoegazing—Saltwater produces a sound that’s solidly their own. Kyle and Chris, the unshakeable rhythm section, hold the camp in place. Travis sets the tone with gritty vocals and cigar box guitars he’s built with his own hands, allowing Wess to layer in soulful, atmospheric, and screaming leads.

You cannot deny this salty vibe. Come on out and take a shot of Saltwater. You won’t regret it!



Vocals, Cigar Box Guitar / Travis Brooks
Guitar / Wess Hardin
Bass / Kyle Oakes (not pictured)
Drums / Chris Estep


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saltwater blackwater flow.jpg

Blackwater Flow

by Saltwater